Minimal Agile Accounts

Excel meets Google Keep

At its core, keepchits is an excel like app with inbuilt functions. So you bought 5 coffees today for $3, just type 5x3 and keepchits enters it as $15. Plus we do your totaling.

Tracking money doesnt get simpler than this

Where did you spend $2500 in the last 2 weeks? KeepChits lets you keep notes handy by quickly adding expense and amount. No budget or envelope system or monthly reports. KeepChits has very little structure, allowing you to personalize your accounting!


Share chits through your phonebook.

Need to share house expenses with your better half, or that dispurement account with your business partner? Simply share your chits with people in your phonebook, you dont need to be friends on facebook ;)

Notes & Tags if you like to organize.

Not explicitly required but if you want to categorize your chits by accounts, KeepChits lets you easily do that by adding notes or colorful tags!

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